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Bartbo has been actively involved in the integration of many brands for over 18 years, thru all those years scope of offer was growing. The first and original brand identity has expired and the need for changes was great. New identity, needed to be more transparent and capable to adjust to changing needs of customers.

New logo

From the very beginning it was not quite clear what we were looking for. After a few months, simplest and cleanest version was selected. This iconic / initial style adds a breath of freshness to the event market.

Both the initial and typography of the logo were based on the Archive font by Fontfabric.
Default vertical version
Secondary horizontal version

Single logo initial
Standalone brand name

Originally one dark green color was used in combination with a light ecru shade. To add more energy to the visual identification, the ecru color was replaced with a juicy shade of greenery and an additional white color was introduced. 
Business Cards

Not wanting to limit myself on using a smooth layout, I created several business card designs. Each employee chose a design at their own discretion.

Car wrapping

The entire car fleet is very diverse, from small passenger cars to large trucks. This is just a demo version.

Bunch of experimental graphics from the design process.
Work in progress...

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